Only for J-400 & J-500 series spas.

All filtration systems are not the same. Neither are all filters. Don’t be fooled by “generic replacement filters” or “imitations” instead of genuine Jacuzzi® Hot Tub filters. Non-genuine hot tub filters may be less expensive, but using them could prove to be very costly to you in terms of performance and overall value. Using non-genuine Jacuzzi® Hot Tub filters may also void your warranty.

The Jacuzzi®  patented two-stage filtration system keeps water cleaner by ensuring multi-stage filtration. The PROCLEAR®  cartridge traps large debris and lasts up to 18 months. The inner filter is made out of microfiber media with a dense core that traps the smallest particles and does not release them. Use with PROCLEAR®  Minerals, and replace after 4 months.

Your Jacuzzi®  Hot Tub is an investment, and like any investment, proper and regular maintenance of your hot tub will help it retain its beauty and performance. Your authorized Jacuzzi®  Hot Tubs dealer can give you all of the information and supplies you need.